Inland Waterways of France, 9th edition – 3. South and West


Volume 3 of the 9th edition of the definitive guide to the inland waterways of France, by David Edwards-May, covering 3000km of waterways across southern France from the Rhône to Bordeaux and the Gironde estuary, rivers Charente and Sèvre Niortaise, the Loire and canalized rivers of Anjou, and the Brittany Canals. 148 pages, abundantly illustrated with detailed maps, 140 photos, and distance tables including descriptions of key sites, index, A4 format, soft cover.


This has been the standard reference work on the French waterways for nearly 70 years. Since the 5th edition in 1983, David Edwards-May has continuously improved the work in presentation and detail. For the 9th edition the text has been completed with practical and tourist information on key locations, inserted into the route descriptions, kilometre by kilometre. Volume 3 covers the waterways through Southern France from the Rhône to the Garonne and Gironde Estuary, the rivers Charente and Sèvre Niortaise and the waterways of Anjou and the Brittany Canals.

The author has made many updates to the maps since the 2010 edition. Waterway junctions and main towns are shown with lots of valuable detail, without being cluttered. 140 colour photographs. This ninth edition is the most up-to-date source of information on the subject. The map shows the area covered by this volume, in relation to volumes 1 and 2.

IWF volume 3 area

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