Conference Hosting Application Form

To apply to host the World Canals Conference in 2026 (or later), please fill in the form below, answering all the questions, and click on ‘send’; it will then be processed by the WCC Selection Committee. This initial posting could be usefully expanded on two additional well-organised separate pages, sent to the WCC Selection Committee Chair. Thank you.


    Name of Host Organisation




    Postal code




    Name(s) of Co-Host(s) if applicable

    Proposed Conference Date

    Location of conference

    Outline of Conference Theme(s)/Content

    How do you propose to engage, as part of the conference programme, local individuals, organisations and the general public, to help further the aim of the World Canals Conference? ('to bring together…. canal enthusiasts, professionals and scholars from around the world to learn about a variety of topics related to canals'

    How do you intend to publicise the Conference? (outline communication plan with timelines)

    Other relevant comments

    1. A fee of GBP 300 is payable to Inland Waterways International when submitting the full proposal for consideration by the Selection Committee. If the application is successful, the total contribution to Inland Waterways International will be GBP 1000, including the GBP 300 advance mentioned above.
    2.If the application for the conference is denied or not approved the GBP 300 will be refunded.
    3. IWI assumes no responsibility for any debts incurred or claims against the host/organising committee of the particular conference or event(s).