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Old Nick serial-hybrid narrowboat by Ortomarine

In the early 1980s, following the setting up of the world’s first Electric Boat Association, a key player was Rupert Latham of the Steam and Electric Launch Company which built, sold and exported some 200 Frolic and Mystic dayboats.

A close second was Emrhys Barrell of the Thames Electric Launch Company who sold new boats and developed and installed electric and hybrid systems into existing boats. Their electric systems enabled two 29 foot cruisers to break records by covering more than 100 miles in 24 hours on one single battery charge.

Encouraged by a special rate licensing fee from the local navigation authority, during mid-1980s there was a boom in the popularity of Thameside electric dayboats, either in private ownership or as rental fleets. To this were added two electric river patrol boats for the then National Rivers Authority which were hybrid models, keeping their diesels but able to cruise range permitting on electric.

The cruising, ferry and fishing company Plymouth Boat Trips (PBT), the boatbuilder Voyager Marine in partnership with the University of Plymouth, the University of Exeter, the manufacturer Teignbridge Propellers and the engineering technology company EV Parts have developed an electric ferry called the e-Voyager.

It uses repurposed, Nissan Leaf batteries and an advanced electric motor, which replaces the traditional diesel engine. The green ferry will undergo rigorous running trials, before carrying passengers on ferry routes from

Partners note the e-Voyager will be the first vessel to be recognised by both the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and a Classification Society.The partnership will now aim to convert larger passenger vessels.


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UK • 1980s – 2020 • Boats for residents and visitors

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Norway • 2019 – 2021 • Electric inboard & outboard motors
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