Canal Lifts and Inclines of the World


Hans-Joachim Uhlemann’s book considers the development of inclines and lifts over the centuries, including some contemporary Gerrman descriptions that had not previously been published in English. Useful guide to visiting the remains of abandoned structures, as well as the many lifts and inclined planes that are still in operation, and a a hint at what was going to come in the years since publication. Hardback edition



by Hans-Joachim Uhlemann, translated by historian Mike Clarke. Hardback edition
A complete record of boat lifts and inclined planes from 1700 BC to the present day. Over 120 photos, mainly in colour, with many drawings and maps. Published in 2002 as an initiative of Internat Ltd, associated with Inland Waterways International.
The subject of lifts and inclines overcoming substantial differences in level is of increasing importance today, with the recent opening of the Three Gorges Lift on the Yangtze River in China (135m) and planning for a 90m high lift on the Elbe branch of the Danube-Oder-Elbe Water Corridor, while a dozen other dams in China have also been developed with lifts or inclines or both.

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