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IWI brings together people and organisations who support the conservation, use, development and proper management of inland waterways worldwide. See the full mission statement under ‘Objectives’.

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WCC Committee

Since 2008 IWI’s WCC Site Selection Committee has been choosing the site to host the annual World Canals Conference, from the applications submitted. The committee is currently chaired by Rory Robinson (National Park Service, Ohio, USA).
See details of the forthcoming events – WCC 2017 Syracuse, NY, USA, and WCC 2018, Athlone, Ireland – on our WCC page.


IWI brings together people and organisations who support the conservation, use, development and proper management of inland waterways worldwide. It aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of using waterways for a wide range of activities, from inland water transport to cruising, towpath walking and other recreational uses, as well as appreciating their architectural and landscape values as heritage. It also promotes restoration, where appropriate, of waterways which have become derelict.
Its membership includes leading navigation authorities, as well as voluntary bodies, museums and commercial companies. Individual members include both users and experts in the various disciplines.
All have a keen interest in both the history and the modern significance of inland waterways for commercial carrying and recreational use. Today the membership covers 20 countries from around the world.

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IWI’s campaigning work is conducted on behalf of its members, and particularly its corporate members.

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Mike Reid, co-founder and treasurer

We are very sad to inform members that our recently retired treasurer, co-founder Mike Reid, died on Thursday 19th May at his home in West Sussex. Although he had been ill for several years, the news came as a shock for IWI Council and many of our earlier members who...

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There was a record attendance at IWI's Annual General Meeting held on Sunday September 18, 2016. More than 50 members attended the meeting in the Bishops Palace at Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland, the venue of the World Canals Conference hosted by Scottish Canals.

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