IWI archive 1992-2021


The complete archive of publications of Inland Waterways International from 1992 to 2021; 770 pages, abundantly illustrated with vector maps, supplied on IWI-branded USB flash drive.



The complete archive of publications of Inland Waterways International from the first issue of WORLD WIDE WATERWAYS in 1992 to March 2021, including the printed magazine (with features and news of inland waterways in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, India, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Panama, Nigeria…) and intermediate Newsletters. 770 pages, abundantly illustrated with detailed vector maps. All in a single pdf on the IWI flash drive! (We can also send the file through a file transfer provider).
IWI flash drive
Price £25 including licence to copy material (credited to IWI and the authors, all rights reserved)

This volume is made available to members and to other interested parties. The publisher’s rights are reserved for all pages, which may be selectively reproduced or quoted from subject to obtaining prior permission from [email protected]. The title photo or lead article are given in the list of contents (since 2007) for reference.

World Wide Waterways No. 19January 2007 – Rideau Canal
News February 2008 – Promoting the World Canals Conference
No. 20February 2009 – Japan’s Biwako Canal
No. 21December 2009 – Opening the gates to Serbia’s canals
No. 22September 2010 – Upper Vltava River
No. 23February 2011 – Rouge Canal China
No. 24September 2011 – Canal tunnels in Kerala, India
News December 2012 – Foreign funds to rescue Canal du Midi ?
News June 2013 – Royal canal to open in Drenthe province
No. 25September 2013 – Heritage corridors of Lombardy’s canals
News January 2014 – French Government set to adopt ‘reconfigured’ Seine-Nord
News May 2014 – Canals and art at centre of ‘Helix’ project
No. 26September 2014 – Panama Canal enlargement nears completion
News February 2015 – IWI at Finow symposium
News June 2015 – Fonserannes water slope to be dismantled?
No. 27September 2015 – Lanaye’s fourth lock opened
News February 2016 – Shubenacadie revival
News June 2016 – Europe’s new canal now certain to go ahead!
No. 28September 2016 – Unlocking the River Lot
Supplement – Corporate members directory
Promoting IWI tour to Danube and Iron Gate (Hungary and Serbia)
News January 2017 – Vistula navigation and Silesian Canal revival
News July 2017 – Upper Vltava navigation inaugurated in May
No. 29September 2017 – New waterway in the heart of Europe
No. 30April 2018 – Inland water transport at Offenbach Locks on the River Main (Germany)
No. 31September 2018 – San Wan park on the historic Grand Canal in Yangzhou, China
News March 2019 – Old Scheldt link reopened in Ghent
No. 32 – September 2019 – Yangzhou welcomes Leipzig, Germany
No. 33 – January 2020 – Cruising on the Vecht, Netherlands
News June 2020 – Waterways – the day after
No. 34 – September 2020 – Opening of Kimola Canal, Finland
No. 35 – March 2021 – Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (USA)

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