Inland Waterways of North America


Pending printing of a second edition in 2018, this map is available as a PDF for downloading. It shows all the navigable waterways along the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Coast, in the Mississippi River basin and on the Pacific Coast. A valuable planning map, also showing all the abandoned canals which contributed massively to the development of both nations: the United States and Canada.



Reference map of the operating waterway network (12 000 miles of Corps of Engineers projects plus hundreds of miles of smaller navigations) as well as the routes of all the historic canals built across the eastern US and Canada from the late 18th to the mid-19th century. Much detail -scale 1:3.5M – Sioux City in west to Maine and Quebec in east (plus insets and enlargements for peripheral waterways). Published by Euromapping in 2005. Currently available as a downloadable PDF.