Corporate Membership


Corporate membership of Inland Waterways International for the current year (new members joining from October 1st 2017 will not have to renew their subscription until January 2019).



Membership of IWI brings a number of specific benefits in addition to networking with organisations similar to yours, operating and maintaining inland waterways, restoring historic waterways where feasible, and exploiting their potential for transport, tourism and other uses, worldwide. You will receive our magazine World Wide Waterways (one edition per year) and two digital Newsletters sent to you by email. Another benefit is a reduced rate for registration to attend the annual World Canals Conference (to be held in Yangzhou and Wuxi on the China Grand Canal, on September 16-18, 2019).

Membership is per calendar year. Membership acquired from October 1st 2018 is effective to December 31st 2019. On joining you will be posted a copy of our latest magazine World Wide Waterways, No. 31

Product photo: Digital image of the deep cutting on the summit level of the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal in the Hauts-de-France region of France