has established itself in recent years as the ‘go-to’ website for anybody planning to enjoy the French waterway network, nearly 9000 km of canals and rivers that are a major attraction for tourism throughout inland France. The creators of this increasingly popular website felt that there were significant information gaps in the available information sources, even in French but especially in English, and set out to describe in detail all the opportunities for ‘getting afloat’ in France, from self-drive hire boating to luxury hotel barging, including cruises on big river ships.

A visit to the home page will show all the possibilities. Those who know what they are looking for may alternatively click on one of these direct links.

Self-drive boating holidays
Hotel barge cruises
River cruises

The hotel barge cruises are in small craft designed for the 250-tonne canals that were built throughout France, connecting all the navigable rivers; that means a limited number of cabins, and an exclusive luxury product; But these barges also serve a broader purpose on these canals, many of which now see no commercial traffic, so they literally help to keep the canals open. Some of the barges are described here, for their value as part of French canal heritage.

The river cruises are in large ships with cabins for up to 140 passengers, which makes for a more affordable product, which nonetheless offers immersion in France, on the main rivers north, south, east and west, with stunning scenery to enjoy from the deck or through one’s cabin windows, and daily visits to châteaux, vineyards and historic towns. and villages.

For a truly independent, easy-going holiday experience that is affordable when looking at the rental cost per person, the self-drive hire boat will be the preferred choice. The site’s owners are particularly careful to keep all information up-to-date, and say that their expertise comes free.