European Waterways Map and Directory


European Waterways Map and Concise Directory, 5th edition, by David Edwards-May. Map 1210 mm by 870 mm, one side shows all Europe at scale 1:4M, the reverse shows the dense waterway networks from England and Wales through to Bratislava and the river Váh in Slovakia, at scale 1:1 500 000. Directory 64 pages.



by David Edwards-May, published Transmanche Publications, 2014. This is the 5th edition of the valuable overall planning map of Europe’s waterways, covering the continent from Ireland to the Ural Mountains in Russia, from the White Sea and the northernmost lake systems of Finland to the Corinth Canal and the Guadalquivir River. Overview on the front at scale 1:4M, and a detailed view of the main system from England and Wales through to the Czech Republic and Bratislava on the Danube.

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