Future events


The World Canals Conference returns to China – Yangzhou and Wuxi – in 2019! 



The WCC will be hosted on September 16-18, 2019 by the World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization in collaboration with the China Asian Economic Development Association and the Municipal People’s Governments of Yangzhou and Wuxi.

China Grand Canal World Canals Conference 2019The above banner, showing some of the iconic features of Yangzhou and its waterways, served as the backdrop for the 2017 World Canal Cities Forum, on September 8-9, 2017. This annual meeting of canal cities will be combined with the World Canals Conference in 2019.

The unofficial map, left, illustrated a tour organised around the 2012 World Canals Conference. It shows the location of Yangzhou, one of the 35 cities* that lie along the 1800km-long Grand Canal between Hangzhou and Beijing, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 2014).

Yangzhou is strategically located near the junction with the Yangtze River.

* cities of Prefectural level or larger