More than 200 waterway experts, managers and advocates attended the World Canals Conference at Groningen (Netherlands).
The full programme of conference sessions with speakers from many countries throughout the world, and the daily site visits, will be reviewed here and in our next newsletter. The first site visit on Monday September 19 took delegates to the completed section of the Erica-Ter Apel link between Groningen and Drenthe provinces, and the sites of the two locks on the summit level section to be completed by 2013. This view shows works on the deep lock with water-saving basin at the Emmen end of the summit level. Click here to read the Groningen Declaration in favour of inland waterways as living heritage.


The recently restored Kieldiep, part of the small canal route from Groningen to the Ems in Germany, on one of the many site visits made during the WCC in Groningen