All boat owners, especially those who live aboard their boats, with gas appliances, will be interested in a new initiative by BWML.
From 17th to 23rd September, organisations from across the UK will be working together to raise awareness on the dangers of gas and how to avoid them. The goal is to educate people about the simple things to look out for, such as damaged gas appliances and the importance of knowing what to do. Hoping to help in avoiding gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, BWML have produced this poster showcasing the dangers of gas and warning signs of a leak, such as:

  • increased condensation inside windows,
  • flames yellow/orange instead of blue,
  • dark staining on or around appliances,
  • pilot light keeps going out

Gas safety precautions

Research shows that looking out for these signs and catching a leak quickly can mean the difference between life and death, but more importantly that you should get your appliances regularly checked. Calling a registered engineer can help avoid serious illness or even death, so ahead of Gas Safety Week, why not book an appointment now and ensure that your boat is safe?
Live-aboard boat owners in other countries should also consult local specialists to make sure they will be safe for the coming winter season. Accidents happen!